Past Test Pieces

2023 Test Pieces

All competing bands will be required to play the designated test piece for their grade. The pieces have been chosen carefully to reflect an appropriate National standard. 

2023 Brass Band

Grade Piece Composer Publisher
Open A Grade Metropolis 1927 Peter Graham Gramercy
Open B Grade Rhapsody on St. Francis Andrew Wainwright SA Connects
Open C Grade Ravenhill Suite Dorothy Gates SA Triumphonic
Open D Grade Vengeance Jared McCunnie Self-Published
Junior Grade Own Choice Test Piece


2023 Open Concert Band

Please note concert band test pieces are shorter in 2023 in line with the changes made in 2022.

Bands will be required to play a slow work, a march from the NBCA Prescribed March List or approved by the WABA Music Board and an own choice program which may include several shorter works, or one longer work.

Grade Piece Composer Publisher
Open A Grade Me Disagrees Catherine Likhuta Murphy
Open B Grade Cry of the Last Unicorn Rossano Galante Schirmer/HL
Open C Grade Tirana Carol Barnett Boosey/HL
Open D Grade The Visionaries Brian Hogg Brolga