OneMusic Licencing

All bands are required to have a OneMusic (APRA AMCOS) Community Music Group licence to be able to preform and rehearse copyrighted music in Australia. 

What is the OneMusic (APRA AMCOS) Community Music Group licence?

"The OneMusic Community Music Groups licence covers live music performances at community events and audio recordings of your performances at these events, making audio copies for practice and rehearsals, and printing off copies of original print music to supplement your performances and practice" *

Why do we need a OneMusic (APRA AMCOS) Community Music Group licence?

If you use music that is protected by Copyright within your group,  Commonwealth legislation required permission (a licence) from the creators of the music. * 

What does the licence cover?

As at 02/06/2023 the licence covers the following*:

  • Unrestricted number of live music performances by the Community Music Group at Community Events.
  • Reproduction of AMCOS Works for the purpose of:
    a. practice and rehearsals of performances by the Community Music Group at Community Events; and
    b. making Community Event Audio Recordings.
  • Reproduction of AMCOS Works in the form of Approved Print Music

Please refer to the OneMusic website for definitions and additional information about what the licence covers

How do we get a OneMusic (APRA AMCOS) Community Music Group licence? 

WABA are currently subsidising of the cost of OneMusic licences for our affiliated bands! 

Licences are renewed every 12 months, based on the calendar year and are invoiced with your affiliation fees.

Bands pay WABA the subsidised amount ➡️ WABA pays APRA the full amount 

Do we have to get our licence from WABA?

No, you can apply for your licence directly with OneMusic, however you won't receive the subsidied price that WABA offer



 * Correct as at 02/06/2023 please see for more information