Associate Membership for BANSW

 A joint statement from the Western Australian Band Association (WABA) and the Band Association of New South Wales (BANSW) 

After the unfortunate turn of events that has resulted in the BANSW being removed from the National Band Council of Australia (NBCA) last week many bands in NSW are facing the possibility of not being able to attend the Australian National Band Championships in South Australia next year.  

In the interests of community banding across our country BANSW and WABA have come together and have agreed that WABA will extend affiliate membership to any New South Wales band that is registered with BANSW and intends to compete in nationals next year affiliate membership. This has been put in place to help protect bands that have laid out the money for test pieces, flights, accommodation etc.. As we all know most community bands operate on tight budgets and something like this could have a huge impact on that.

As these bands have already paid their membership to BANSW WABA will be offering these memberships for a nominal cost of $1. 

BANSW has agreed to cover the WABA membership cost for those bands and members travelling to Adelaide for the 2024 National Band Championships, either for band competition or solo and ensemble competition. BANSW are working with WABA to minimise the impact this decision may have on NSW bands.