Brass Beginnings


Who can join?

People who:

  • Are members of affiliated bands
  • Can read music (any clef)
  • Can play in a band / group setting
  • Students learning a brass instrument

Note: This is not for complete beginners, we won't be teaching how to read music

How does it work?

  • The band will be running for Term 3, 2023 on Saturday mornings for 10 weeks
  • Each session will have a short group instrument lesson with a tutor followed by playing together as a band
  • Instruments will be available for hire with bonds payable (if req.)

The last Saturday of term will be a celebration of all that has been learnt with an open rehearsal for family and friends to come and watch

Why are WABA doing this?

A lot of our brass bands are struggling to find players and are some are even at danger of closing! WABA are looking to boost the number of brass players by running a training band!

How do I join?

Please complete our registration form to sign up and join us in Term 3!

If you have any questions please contact: