2010 State Band Festival

Results: 2010 Act-Belong-Commit WA State Band Festival

Hymn+Test+March=TOTAL; Entertainment
Brass Bands

A Grade: RAS(WA) Brass (Alan Lourens), 48+98+49=195; 95
B Grade: Canning City Brass (Geoffrey Lowe), 48+97+48=193; 91
C Grade: Town of Victoria Park Brass (Steven Harmer), 43+93+47=183; 89
D Grade: Busselton Shire Brass (Nicky Hair), 45+90+46=181; 85
D Grade: Goldfieds Brass (Keith Nathan), 46+85+44=175; 94
Concert Bands

A Grade: WA Youth Symphonic, 45+81+44=170; 92
B Grade: City of Perth Concert , 43+87+46=176; 95
B Grade: Mandurah Concert , 42+88+43=173; 94
B Grade: Claremont Concert , 39+85+40=164; 92
B Grade: Armadale City Concert , 41+95+48=184; 93
C Grade: South West Wind Orchestra , 41+81+46=168; 84
School Concert Bands

C Division: John Calvin Christian College No. 2, Gold Award
C Division: Churchlands SHS Wind Orch 3, Gold Award
B Division: John Calvin Christian College, Gold Award
B Division: Perth Modern School Wind Band 2, Gold Award

Les Nesbitt Trophy, Highest Aggregate Country Band: Busselton Shire Brass Band
Trophy, Best Soloist in a Brass Band: Sarah Draper, Solo horn RAS (WA) Brass
Ray Larner Trophy, Best Soloist in a Concert Band: Rachel Found, Flute, Claremont Concert Band

2010 State Band Festival Information

2010 State Band Festival Booklet – Download here.

2010 State Band Festival Schedule of Performances (available mid-April 2010)

2010 State Band Festival Results (available June 2010)